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My background is in photography. I am NOT a weekend warrior or a photographer that shoots photos and expects to "fix" my shortcomings in Photoshop. I produce the best possible digital negative that can be created. I shoot the top of the line Canon equipment. Canon 7DII and L lenses.

My rate for studio work is 50.00 per hour
I will also give you a flat rate per job if requested.

I specialize in portraiture for wall art, business, high school seniors and web sites that want to project a professional image.


Phototgraphing artwork is my other area of expertise. Many times, artwork that is for sale, cannot be removed from the frame before photographing it. This presents a number of challenges with regard to reflection in glass or reflective paint, such as glossy oils. The frame shadows arer another issue. THIS is why a professional photographer, who has studied light and reflection, can save you money, time and the risk of damage.


This is the science of photography. Color profiling, for the particular light during a photo session, needs to be recorded and calculated. White balance, color profiles and monitor color profiles coordinate with the image's actual color. These aspects are imparative for rendering images correctly. As I said, this takes experitise in using the tools of color.

Photography for a commissioned paintings is also very important so the resulting artwork turns out correctly! When painting people, getting a striking likeness is very expected. I think of it in terms of decades. My paintings will be looked at for lrfetimes. Some of the viewers will have never seen the original people in the painting. They need to look lifelike!

Photo session for portraiture is included in the paintings final price.

Here is a photo I took of three fellas that wanted a generation protrait.

A dandy photo, but for me to nail a likeness, I would have to paint an enormous  piece. Working on TINY heads in a painting is very very difficult. So I cut boys out and scooted them together!

Now this is doable! 24x30 did the trick!

Digital Corrections are another aspect of my art. When you need an image created from multiple pieces, it takes an expert in the field of digital manipulation.

Here is an example from a family gathering which had multiple families arriving on different days.

The process of cutting out different family members begins.

Assembling  the pieces

And we are assembled!


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